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Design: industrial design applied to the search for new forms and adapted to their function ( for utilitarian objects , furniture , housing in general ) . Adjective invariable : a modern aesthetic and functional ( furniture design).
Why Tag Heuer a brand design and what legitimacy did well to qualify ? "TAG Heuer is the perfect combination of functional design and style, " said Stéphane Linder. "We have an approach called " holistic "which is characteristic of brands with their timeless and eternal , like Louis Vuitton and Mercedes .
Tag Heuer is not considered a fashion brand . A fashion brand has a creative approach more akin to the style and approach ephemeral fashion design at the proper sense of the term , " explains Stéphane Linder .

What is the real design , that is to say, says holistic design , applied by Tag Heuer ?

"This is a functional approach to a subject involving a creative process and giving consumers real value compared to the use of this object , " says Stéphane Linder.
Monza caliber 36 (2002 ) : evolution of the piece Monza originally created in the 1930s ( below ).
Definition has become for Tag Heuer a real belief now in its communication tools, with the signature " The technology allows the function and the function creates the design .
Indeed , whether the chronograph "Monza "of the 1930s with the timeless design of the enclosure cushion, or " Kirium F1 "with its dual time display , concern for the performance of the ergonomics and comfort has always governed the design of the watch and its bracelet functional forms that gave birth to sleek , essential .
Thus the "F1 Micrograph "won the Design Prize 2002 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie in Geneva for the futuristic design of its rectangular case that welcomes the revolutionary features of the first instrument timing of the wrist. Perfect example of how function inspired design . Indeed , the rectangular case has been chosen for one simple reason : it is the most logical and most efficient in terms of optimization of space for digital LCD display data .

precise specifications

Monaco (1969 ) .

Whether the "Professional Sports Watches " , the " Legendary Classics "or " Women's Series , the three major lines TAG HeuerThe criteria are the same. TAG Heuer and therefore requires that both the designers at each stage of product development .

And he knows whereof he speaks. Engineer in Microengineering from the Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne, he was long a specialist in technology transfer to Africa and the Middle East , delivering turnkey factories . In 1993 , he set up in TAG Heuer development techniques in 3D then the fully integrated systems . This does not preclude involvement in design .

We only work with external designers because I believe that such visionaries end quickly wither when they create only a single brand . However , we never buy the designs they offer us spontaneously . It is we who give them a very precise specifications on which they can let their imagination . This allows us to best address : Englishman Ross Lovegrove is our head of design , the Swiss Hysek, Schöpfer , Ventrella , Scarinzi , Nicolas Barthe . Drawings are then passed into the hands of our technicians and watchmakers to put them into practice and create the first prototypes. "
It also Stéphane Linder is the origin of the design of glasses launched by Sports Vision Tag Heuer 2002. " We are a watch brand with a connotation of sports, performance and prestige rather than manufacturing in the strict sense of the term. Our reputation and our expertise is recognized in most countries . We wanted to transfer them to another work not watch , and it is true that eyeglasses Sport Vision fully reflect the brand and its values of high technology. "
Fine , functional , and with a revolutionary patented hinge invisible line of Physics TAG Heuer has already been noticed by professionals in winning from its release , the MLIS Gold at the International Exhibition in Paris in the bezel 2001. Success also in 2002 with the launch of the second row of glasses Sport Vision: SLR line that won the MLIS Press
Monaco : first chronograph square frame created by tight TAG Heuer 1969 ( top left) . A feat repeated in 2003 with Monaco Absolute model , one of the few chronographs square box inlaid with diamonds.
Kirium F1 launched in 2001 with its predecessor, the Manhattan Chronosplit ( top left ) ; a leading digital and analog chronographs designed by JackHeuer 1975.

Ross Lovegrove Interview
TAG Heuer Chief Design Officer
The convergence in the design
My first encounter with TAG Heuer took place at the Serpentine Gallery in London in an exhibition organized by the mark, where I was asked to make a speech about the future , stating my belief that the convergence between design and high technology will open new horizons in which we stimulate inventiveness and creation.
Many people consider TAG Heuer as a modern brand with a contemporary legacies , but I remind them often that it has 143 years , which is older than many brands trying to promote their heritage on the watch market .
For me, the clear difference lies in the fact that TAG Heuer is an innovative brand since the first day probably creating some of the most significant advances in watchmaking history .
Different teams TAG Heuer are very conscious and they do not rest on this achievement as they consider the future as a source of change and inspiration for the brand . My role within TAG Heuer is to ensure maintain the heritage and the roots of the brand by integrating them into models present and future at the forefront of the avant- garde technology and design.
The ultimate goal is to weave a harmony between technology and aesthetics of the "past / present "and what we aim to create in the future.
The success of the collection of eyeglasses Sport Vision has proven that the brand is well positioned to diversify into sectors that are clearly related to watchmaking , as we send the message that the consumer really corresponds to what he gets.
These glasses have proved that by identifying the compelling attributes of materials , form and function , and marrying them into products that are redefining the high demands of the mark, we can achieve a new level of cultural and commercial success . This stimulates the market from the point with what I call EVO TECH LUX . These are luxury products that evolve through investment and intellectual with the latest technology it is almost impossible to plagiarize, thus protecting not only the brand itself, but also the valuable investment made by the consumer .
The work in which I am involved articulates two conditions: first , the act of expressing an ease in design, but also competence in the practice of watchmaking technology , from traditional to visionary. The challenge before us is to energize the team , positioning the brand through all shades of world markets and the convergence of culture and commerce at a level that is considering the mark as the sole arbiter of aesthetics and technology to a hypersophistiqué and carefully set which is still unheard of .

The TAG Heuer:

Tag Heuer watches, the world watches and chronographs since 1960 premium sports , is currently the brand of luxury watches with the strongest growth. Swiss watchmaking legend , it has benefited from its active engagement in the world of sports to create watches and chronometric instruments among the most precise . Tag Heuer formula is today the first watch manufacturer to master luxurious chronographs with an unsurpassed precision of 1/10th, 1/100th and 1/1000th of a second well . Olympic Games 1920 in its role as official timekeeper for the legendary Indy 500 for which it has developed instruments to an accuracy of 1 / 10 , 000th of a second, TAG Heuer continues its relentless quest for innovation and excellence continues to aim ever higher , as evidenced by his 25-year partnership with Team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 and two ace driver , world champion F1 2008 Lewis Hamilton , brand ambassador for six years , and his teammate Heikki Kovalainen. TAG Heuer more than ever represents the fusion of luxury and performance through its partnerships with Kimi Raikkonen , world champion and 2007 F1 driver of the Scuderia Ferrari, the world's No. 1 golfer Tiger Woods , tennis player star WTA Maria Sharapova , NASCAR idol Jeff Gordon 's , Hollywood superstars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan. On 1 October 2008 , TAG Heuer has joined the flagship of the Swiss watchmaking in the exclusive club of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH ).

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