Swatch gucci square watches annual net profit of 710 million U.S. dollars

Swatch gucci square watches annual net profit of 710 million U.S. dollars

According to reports, the world's largest gucci pantheon mens watches maker Swatch released annual report on this week, the company realized net profit in 2009 years had exceeded analyst expectations. In addition, Swatch also announced a more optimistic forecast 2010 earnings, which will also discourage investors worried about the future of the company.

Swatch this week, two giant reported that, throughout 2009, the company's net profit of 763 million Swiss francs (710 million U.S. dollars), down 9%, which exceeded analyst expectations. Previous survey, according to Reuters, analysts on average net profit for the year Swatch predictive value of 698 million Swiss francs.

On the other hand, Swatch also said that as the company's Omega series products have been designated as the gucci square watches the official 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, so the 2010 years is expected to face the market demand keeps growing.

Analysts believe that, Swatch announced the financial results is a positive signal, proving the global paolo gucci watches industry is gradually shifting from economic crisis to recovery. Over the past year, the global watch industry has experienced in recent decades the most serious decline in demand.

Swatch said in its statement: "Prospects for the better performance of the company one of the reasons is that we had in 2010, a good start, with the improved economic environment and global markets to improve confidence, volume of orders we get are also being increasing. "

On the other hand, Swatch said last week, as the market demand for its products increased significantly in recent months, the company expected to achieve profitability in 2010, the size of a breakthrough. Currently, Swatch's the Blancpain, Breguet series of high-end products have been widely recognized by the market.

Swatch's earnings report also revealed that the company's operating profit margin of 21.2% in 2008 fell to 17.6% in 2009. But at the same time, due to increased sales amount, Swatch's overall level of profitability expected in 2010 once again to a new level.

On the other hand, Swatch's competitors, the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont (Richemont) announced in January this year, the filing shows, thanks to the Christmas season sales in the Asia Pacific region well, the company's sales analysis beyond expectations. Independent Swiss mens gold gucci watches manufacturer Girard Perregaux (Girard-Perregaux) and Parmigiani (Parmigiani Fleurier) said that with the economic situation improves, the world's rich are likely to increase to buy high-end luxury goods again in 2010.

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Take the gucci twirl diamond watches bracelet to create a gorgeous personal temperament for you

Take the gucci twirl diamond watches bracelet to create a gorgeous personal temperament for you

"Good horse match good saddle," "only feet know the shoes comfortable or not ", these two famous sayings are applied to select the strap when buying a gucci twirl diamond watches , Although an accessory, but have functions of beautify the look and wearing comfort, the choice of the strap absolute can not be contempt. Here classify according to different materials, different temperament of the strap, strengths and weaknesses, maintenance method and catch for your reference.

Standard equipment of top watch: alligator skin strap

Crocodile leather becomes the first choice for top gucci petite watches , with a lot relationship to its unique pattern, the overwhelming breath and the small production. Here the meaning of "crocodile" is known as a small crocodile alligator. Only protection level-1 Chinese alligator in China belong to this crocodile alligator. Because the small body, so a crocodile maximum can be made of five straps, the value can be imagined. According to legend, the crocodile leather made into the top watch strap is mostly from the United States Yalisangnuo, is farmed. Crocodile back leather can only made in shoes, belts or something; chest skin showed standard rectangular pattern, a good choice for leather strap using ; crocodile tail skin below cloacal aperture, the pattern slightly longer, is second choice; patterns on both sides of the both sides of the chest chest are circular, the lowest level, top watches would not use.

Elegant and refined leather strap

Elegant appearance and intensive care

The introduction equipment of normal gucci twirl ladies watches calfskin table strap

Calf is a class leather strap of more common and very cheap, not crimped calf, there is no pattern, slightly dull, but is sufficient to performance the elegance of table. And a dynamic sports watch, accompanied by calf strap, also quiet and refined for entry into business occasions. However, there are very few top-level gucci chiodo ladies watches equipped with calfskin strap.

Smart and noble personality choice- lizard skin, ostrich skin, skin pearl bracelet

The table fans who pursue individual favor some even rare than alligator leather strap - lizard skin, ostrich skin and pearls. While these may not be higher than the price of leather crocodile strap, but enough characters This change, like "Zhang box" type white-collar workers in day, once into a major Party's "lying worm night out." Lizard leather strap shows the size of sesame seeds circular pattern, although the ups and downs feeling worse, but in actual use feeling more gentle than the crocodile leather strap and fit the wrist, with prices slightly cheaper, more and more brands started to pay attention more to this material. Ostrich skin’s most significant sign is the big pores on skin surface. The leather after removing the feathers left a slice each have big pores like soybeans. This strap is great character, and even inspired the forever cowboy dream in people's minds. A strap enough to set off a Tolerated into hunk,Peter pan. Pearl bracelet is the most weird skin, people called "gegedada," but watch masters found that the skin is very studded with diamond table , so many jewelry tables full of design sense use pearl fish skin.

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Women are fascinated to Platium gucci mini watches

Women are fascinated to Platium gucci mini watches

Some watch, not only is obsessed with technology, appearance is also pleasant. For example, Greubel Forsey’s platinum gucci mini watches the four split Tourbillon were separate in two mechanical adjustment device, and the entire watch movement is built on the four points; another example in Purchase the product of spherical tourbillon home (Jaeger-Lecoultre) spherical tourbillon watch No. 2, the table has a platinum case hinged, cylindrical balance spring, part of the drive mechanism is clearly visible through the Paris nail pattern, and decorative treatment corrugated Geneva only limited edition of 75. In addition, Athens (Ulysse Nardin) No. the sea battle Accili watch series, the Battle of Trafalgar Admiral Nelson, the Royal Navy battleship Accili number to dial enamel craft show in, just like drawing in the wrist of a magnificent painted, the watch only 30 limited edition.

Fascinated by gucci vintage watches collection is not just the men, women is equally, platinum also resonate with women in each other. Since 2006, platinum women watch in the demand began to grow in women group. In fact, while the price of platinum has doubled since 2006, but still more and more brands watch launch in small quantities or limited release platinum men watch and platinum women watch.

Although expensive platinum, and in the current economic situation, people tighten their belts make ends meet, but in the view of cost of a single dress (Cost Per Wear) point, to buy platinum leather gucci watches is still regarded as the wise investment choice.

For a long time, all kinds of watches have been preaching people with its durable quality. Because most people wear every day, gucci pantheon watches the durability is particularly important, therefore, unique properties tear tab material wear-resistant platinum make it an ideal to cope with the daily wear. Similarly, because of this feature, more and more newlyweds have begun endless love with platinum wedding ring. Because they are clear in coming days, they will wear this wedding ring, and they also hope even the time increases, a small wedding ring still bright as ever. In addition. Another reason platinum is suitable for everyday accessories is easy to match the color, and therefore less the trouble of clothing and jewelry the color coordinate.

Turn on the New Year, let time rapid flow, gucci twirl watches

Turn on the New Year, let time rapid flow, gucci twirl watches.

Year of the Tiger is closing, something of a majestic, a sense of renewed excitement. Perhaps for many people, the new Tiger is not only re-start a new life simple. Carry the more bitter the past grievances can be as gucci twirl women’s watches pointer ticking lopsided. Look forward, is the moment the most handsome action. Probably the next minute the weather change, can make you fortunes turned, carefully selected to open the door of happiness - the way, as well as for their own transportation can put a hidden fortune watch it, watch the second hand to move non-stop run, wrist scenic vista; to the rapid flow of time, turn the dial goes see on the new year!

Happy little fashion watch has tremendous potential

If you feel an exquisitely elegant fashion gucci twirl women’s watches, wrist just above the smooth and slick your dazzling decoration, you also underestimates its capabilities. Yes, it can give you precise time, wrong way, so you will always remember "what year was evening," - but have you ever thought your wrist While this table, if not a vast reservoir of well-being potential, is your lucky star?

Since ancient times, distinguished accessory not only play the simple role as a decorative. Such as ancient Chinese jade, VIPs will be his line in the waist, hanging in the newborn baby's body, is that whichever is the auspicious meaning good fortune. Even in the last century, a close watch - pocket gucci gold watches was also having an open function as a fashionable thing to become a gentleman's favorite celebrities. As time progress and development, antique jade ornaments and pocket watches are no longer able to gradually adapt to the modern city full of people's general aesthetic and everyday life, so this contains good wishes of the "mysterious power" to shift to the modern simplicity of the new paolo gucci ladies watches body. More and more people began to watch to find lucky elements and symbols, and watch makers have started to catch all the time, the elements will be lucky to watch the fashion pour design.


Rome gucci tornabuoni watches MUSTANG couple Series

Rome Gucci tornabuoni watches MUSTANG couple Series

Swiss watch brand in Rome has launched a MUSTANG couple series watch, the series inspired by the uninhibited free-spirited wild prairie horse population, when they are unrestrained passion surging dynamic, quiet, comfortable when they can enjoy a quiet social. This is the Rome gucci tornabuoni watches the couple series designer wants to express an attitude toward life, to pursue a career for the future and a better life working hard, we should also remember that settle down and stay calm for the taste of life bit by bit.

Grassland is a vast area, horse was able to be free and easy. Think of it like the wider world, the vast stage, each of us has the opportunity to display their fists, chasing his dream. Struggling hard, ride the same horse as unrestrained pursuit of their wish to have a life. This attitude is also a responsibility, and for families, we are more management responsibility to carefully and enjoy. After leisurely wind and rain, and their families deserve to share.

MUSTANG couple series is precisely this interpretation: to record a pair of gucci silver watches each other's struggle with an engraved watch to the joy after rain. This is the best explanation for love

This series of advanced equipment used thin quartz movement, purer simple appearance, have a quiet beauty, this is the harvest years of sedimentation. The design is simple and consistently adhering to the Rome gucci digital watches revealed in noble fashion, men's masculinity in, revealed a gentle, simple in the female section, revealed a beautiful, each one has a simple gucci signoria watches all smooth lines, rounded As perception of life after years of grinding.

Function: Swiss quartz movement thin, wear-resistant sapphire mirror, all solid stainless steel case and bracelet, PVD Ion Plating, 6:00 bit small seconds display plate, 30 meters water resistant, Swiss made.

Patek Philippe was light and breathtaking

Patek Philippe (Patek) limited edition Nautilus 5724G, 18K white gold case load automatically inherited winding past thin Cal. 240 PS IRM C LU movement, movement diameter 31 mm, thickness 3.98 mm, while equipped with 22K gold Mini Swing Tuo, thin, highly sophisticated gucci diamond watches fan favor.

Dial location from 7 pm to 8 pm with a moon phase device bezel decorated with the total weight of about 8.31 kt of 50 square drill, Founder fortitude of the dial in to add a different facial expression, and lively to read when the time scale in different time to enjoy a different fun, more changes among the classic beauty. The whole paragraph is only the gucci twirl women's watches section are all carved out of hand and, in the production process of the artistic and technical on the tabulation craftsmen bring great challenges, but also to experience the stunning collectors of fine taste.

Different from the past of traditional design, the new Nautilus watches timepieces complex series of case shape from slightly arched hinge chain into the design, bracelet also slightly adjusted the ratio so that bonding smoother, so that when the account the skin, a perfect line with ergonomic .
All gucci gold watches case different from the past two-tier structure model, the evolution to the three-tier structure, and with a precious material and glass bottom cover screw crown, strengthened when the total solid durability; new folding buckle design, consists of three most of the combination of, with a new belt design, considerate fans to provide double protection for the table to ensure the security of joints.

Visual design, in the hour mark the shape of a little change and octagon paolo gucci ladies watches
Link to full article fit; pointer and Table diameter size of the models are slightly greater than in the past, in addition to increased convenience when reading more manifest wear boundless in person.

Enjoy special moments, direct Swiss watch CODEX brand conference

Lead: Recently, CODEX (high degree) the top watch brands in the Lucerne, Switzerland, held a grand press conference, unprecedented scene. CODEX brand inviting the world's mainstream media gathered hundreds of historic Palace Luzern Hotel, shows the latest 2011 watch series, and invited guests attending the meeting witnessed a global flagship store in Lucerne CODEX watch gucci ladies watches the opening ceremony.

Global 100 mainstream media witnessed the extraordinary moment CODEX

Maybach luxury sedan concern

Day, more than 10 vehicles Maybach (Maybach) luxury sedan designated as VIP cars, gucci twirl watches and clocks Malibu will reach the Palace Luzern Hotel, close to 300 VIP guests walked down the red carpet, supermodel Xenia Tchoumitcheva hand watch with CODEX Show, live enthusiastic, hard to forget.

CODEX brand founder, SWISS CHRONOMETRIC CODEX General Manager René Kohli and close ranks with the global image of the spokesperson Robert Ismajlovic to attend conferences, and on-site guests with appreciation from the leaders of the Swiss watch industry's top brand CODEX is brought up to shake the watch show, witness the renaissance of this great brand a historic moment.

CODEX flagship store staff and guests with high degree of appreciation gucci gold watches
René Kohli opened to guests in 2011 high degree watch the latest series of mysterious veil, and said "CODEX culture rooted in centuries Swiss Watch, devoted our time, passion, and commitment to build a watch on the time of the legendary brand, this gucci bezel watches is bound to witness history and the wealthy elite who support the classic, but people who are making history, completion of the collection CODEX legendary watch. "Then, dressed in a black classic career skirt, wearing gold logo CODEX The flagship store clerk, smiled, and show to the guests one by one, watch master CODEX shocking, "an impressive effort."

"X" is the decisive element CODEX watch. It said that the inheritors of genetic information - Chromosome X. X chromosome present in every person, it is to create the basis for the human body. "X" is the brand series of sections of the type of genetic code, which represents the brand's DNA. In the latest release of CodexClassic, Codex Chrono and Codex Venus three excellent series, especially Codex Venus series, the most striking limited edition Prestige, Prestige has assembled 431 on the total weight of more than 1 kt perfect round cut diamonds, from the Professional diamond mosaic master Miguel Gil personally produced only limited global production of 75